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@editorialmag chatted with @id_magazine about her favourite female artists, thanks for the shout out 💕👯 the world officially knows I’m crazy…yet professional 😛
recently took some pix of my pals TOPS, one of the photos from the shoot is featured on VOGUE today with a new song of theirs :) Click thru!
"Eyes on the Prize" outtake from the VICE Photo Issue
"Keep Your Eyes Peeled" from the VICE Photo Issue, click thru to see some outtakes of the series :)
My series of Interiors, originally shot for issue 10 of The Editorial Magazine is now online! Have a look and click thru to explore more from The Editorial <3 :)
sasemi: awesome <3


Anonymous: really liking your work! what camera and flash do you shoot with? consider me a new fan :)

thanks <3 i use a couple different cameras, right now I’m using a Pentax K1000 with an external flash