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moni at my house
Scott and I made a zine about life called TINY STRANGERS and the Editorial Magazine did a little preview of it! Click thru for more!
I started a bigcartel!  So far you can buy a print or a zine, more to come soon :D  CLick thru to see 
Anonymous: what film do you use? I love the colours in your work :)

my all time favourite film is ektar but when i can’t splurge i buy expired anything online

LAZY EYE — Another outtake for the series I shot for the Canadian 2014 VICE Photo Issue.  Click thru to see the printed selection if you never had the chance to pick yourself up a copy!
weird gala in may
my desk
my living room

This girl is pretty rad. Based in Montreal and working as the in-house photographer at the very cool Editorial Magazine Rebecca Storm has a great outlet for her creativity.There is an interesting duality in her photos, where authentic meets poetic and rough meets beautiful, which makes them both disturbing and appealing. She works a lot with compositions of everyday (and not-so-everyday) objects and sometimes you get the feeling that she treats her models in the same manner, as still life pieces that are parts of a whole, which creates very intriguing and often humorous shots. We just can’t take our eyes off her pictures! They demand your attention. All in all, she is pretty much a genius.We are so excited to introduce Rebecca as one of the contributors to bby magazine #1 - Filter. Hope you spend the weekend finding your favorite pic on her website: 
another outtake from the series i shot for VICE